Nature Competition Results

The following are the results of the Nature Competition held by the Society on 8th November 2017. The judge was Peter Going.

Firstly, the Wally Mills Trophy for the best Nature Prints.

First Place

    Goldfinches by Phil Lindley


Second Place

    Blue Tit by Phil Lindley


Third Place

    Longhorn Beetle (Rhagium bifasciatum) by Ken Monk


Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

    Hawthorn Shield Bug by Terry Mann

    Newly Hatched Snail by Mike Parmee ARPS CPAGB

    Six Spot Burnett (mating) by Mike Parmee ARPS CPAGB

    Tiger Fly by Terry Mann


Commended (in alphabetical order)

    Nesting Kittiwakes With Chicks by Keith Watson

    Sparrow Hawk with Prey by Mark Varney

    Yellow Jacket by Eric Tatham


Next, the Toft Trophy for the best Nature Projected Digital Image (PDI)

First Place

    Oyster Mushrooms by Terry Mann


Second Place

    Poppy Emergent by Eric Tatham


Third Place

    Sly Fox by Mike Parmee ARPS CAPGB


Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

    Flesh Flies by Terry Mann

    Fly in Blind Grass by Ken Monk

    Kingfisher by Judy Longthorn


Commended (in alphabetical order)

    Blue Starling Moment by David Bray

    Iceberg Carved by Nature by Mike Gardner

    White-Legged Damselfly – Stockton by Ken Monk

President’s Trophy Competition for the best projected image

Judging of the President’s Trophy Competition for the best projected image was held on Wednesday 11th October. The judge for the evening was Steve Dormer from Northampton.

The results were as follows.


    The Violinist by Eric Tatham



    The Witness by Mike Parmee



    Buttercups and Daisy by Eric Tatham


Highly Commended   (in title order)  

    Sulking Sisters  by Mike Parmee

    Waiting for Dad by Mike Parmee


Commended   (in title order)  

    Amazon Milk Frog by Phil Lindley

    Bearded Dragon by Mark Varney

    Big Ben by Warren Strickland

    Bonnets and Top Hats by Mark Varney

    Is It A Bird by Warren Strickland

    Knight in Armour by Mark Varney  

    Lord Leycester Hospital by Eric Tatham

    Love Triangle by Terry Mann

    The Jaguar Boys by David Bray

    Through Druids Corner by Phil Lindley