Oct 2018 Phil Lindley

Welcome back to the monthly focus on one of our Society members.

For October 2018 we talk to Phil Lindley

Hi Phil!

Can you tell us what first got you interested in photography?

I can’t really pinpoint when I first became interested in photography, but I do remember having a couple of instamatic cameras when I was a child and as such was happy snapping away at anything and everything.

I had a SLR in my teens and enjoyed taking shots at the Civic Theatre where I worked during my college years.

My interest was rekindled about 10 years ago when I bought my first DSLR (Canon) and joined Dunchurch PS about 10 years ago. Since then the quantity of Canon gear I own has increased along with my passion for photography.

What type of photographs do you most enjoy taking?

I guess my passion and what I enjoy photographing the most are nature, sport and aircraft. Although I must admit landscape work is a very high up there too. To be honest I’ll have a go at anything!

What type of photographic equipment do you use?

All my camera equipment is Canon.

I have two bodies…. 7D Mk1 and a 5D Mkiii. I love these cameras and they both work perfectly with each of the lenses I own.

Talking of lenses, I have a few……. ranging from a 50mm 1.8 prime lens to a 400mm prime lens, with 4 others in between.

I have a selection of graduated filters and a 10-stop filter for those long exposure shots. I also have a tripod, a monopod and a flash to complete my kit

Note to self:  “don’t buy anymore lenses!”

I use Photoshop CC for most of post-processing work and learnt most of my techniques by watching YouTube videos; a brilliant place to learn from other photographers around the world.

Can you identify some photographers that have inspired you?

I guess it depends on what type of photography I’m doing; there are so many excellent photographers both professional and non-professional around the world.

I take inspiration from a lot of images I see on Facebook and Flikr. I use both these sites a great deal to post my images and through these I tend to follow photographers that may not be nationally or internationally known.

For instance, the following photographers I admire and follow and would love to produce images of such high quality;

Howyn Roberts – Aviation photographer (Flikr)

Alan Mcfadyen– Nature photographer (Flikr)

Phil Buckle – Landscape photographer (Facebook)

Can you show us a selection of your photographs each with a short explanatory paragraph ; what inspired you to take the photograph or process it in the way you have?

Loch Morlich

This is one of my first Landscape pictures. It was taken back in Feb 2009 at Loch Morlich, near Aviemore. I was stood at the frozen loch shore, literally knee deep in snow waiting for the sun to set. That evening the sky decided to go a weird purple colour and in those days my poor use of Photoshop enhanced the purple glow a little further.

Horse Racing

I’m intrigued by horses and as a photographic subject I love them. For a couple of National Hunt seasons I visited Towcester Racecourse and got to know the lads who managed one of the fences on the track which helped me get some action shots of these brave horses jumping both fences and hurdles. Horse racing taught me the skills of panning and fast shutter speeds and keeping warm on a cold winter’s afternoon!

Eastbourne Groyne

Eastbourne Seafront is a lovely place to photograph and to practice long exposure photography using filters and evening light. This shot was taken on my Canon 7D using a Tokina 11-22mm lens with a 10 stop filter attached. I used a long exposure of 127 seconds. I processed the RAW image in Photoshop and saturated the colours just a touch, sharpened the groyne and removed some dust spots.

Duke of Portland Boat House, Ulleswater

Believe it or not this was taken on iPhone 4. I took it while waiting for the sun to rise and illuminate the famous boat house on Ulleswater. I imported the image into Photoshop, cleaned it up a little by removing some reeds in the water, saturated the colours and sharpened the boat house and trees.


One of many bird images I have taken. This was taken from a bird-hide and as you can see it was a very wet and dismal day. For this photograph I used my Canon 7D Mki with 400mm Canon lens. I love the attitude of the Robin, a great poser, and was really happy I caught a couple of rain drops in the image. Processed in Photoshop, by nothing more than sharpening the bird and the stump it was standing on. For nature images that are going to be entered in Nature competitions you have to take care in how much processing you do as rules are very precise and stringent.

Grass Trackers

Grass Tracking is a brilliant sport to get action shots with lots of atmosphere and skill. Again a great way of honing panning shots and getting the exposure correct to keep the bikes and riders sharp while getting movement in the wheels and flying dirt.


My final image is taken from the Mach Loop. A fantastic place to photograph fast low-flying aircraft in the beautiful surroundings of the Welsh valleys. Again the skill is in panning and following high speed aircraft and matching exposures to give pin sharp detail in the aircraft.

How do you see your photography developing in the future?

I’m a pretty laid back person and I will go with the flow and where my mood and thoughts take me.  I may see something that inspires me on the Internet, or indeed by one of the club members, and think I’ll have a go at this.

I’m currently preparing a set of images as I attempt to gain the CPAGB award. The adjudication is in November 2018, so fingers crossed I will be successful in achieving this. I am also working towards the EFIAP award; this may take a little longer to gain the necessary acceptances in International Salons……. this is work in process.

I think Nature will always remain one of my passions and this may well influence what happens with my photography and life in the future.

Thanks Phil for sharing these insights and superb quality images. Who needs a heavy DSLR when you can take a shot as stunning as your Ulleswater Boathouse using a phone! Cool!

We are excited about seeing more of your great images during the course of the year and wish you well with the awards.