Nov 2018 Warren Strickland

Welcome once again to our monthly focus one of our Society members.

For November 2018 we talk to Warren Strickland

Hi Warren!

Can you tell us what first got you interested in photography?

My parents always encouraged me to take photos when I was younger but it was when I served in the Royal Navy that I started to take more of an interest in photography.

Before buying my first DSLR I spent a lot of time watching YouTube videos on how to use it.

What type of photographs do you most enjoy taking?

Candid portraits and live music photography are my favourites, as they are a challenge, especially when in low lighting conditions with the ever-changing colours of stage lighting,

I’m delighted that one of my images has just been used on the back of an album cover. I’ve also had my images in various publications and will have a go at all types of photography.  

What type of photographic equipment do you use?

Canon 5D MARK 2 and a Canon 600D

Canon 85mm & 50mm F1.8 and a Tamron SP 17-50 F2.8

Can you identify some photographers that have inspired you?

Gavin Hoey; he has some great instructional videos on social media and I draw a lot of inspiration from my fellow club members’ photography.

Can you show us a selection of your photographs each with a short explanatory paragraph ; what inspired you to take the photograph or process it in the way you have?

I’m particularly proud of the above two photographs as they won me the Rugby Calendar Competition twice.
I then joined the Dunchurch Photographic Society and it’s all gone downhill from there!
Ed:  But don’t worry Warren, we won’t hold you entirely responsible!   😉 

This photograph was taken of my friend Ian and was one of my first attempts at off-camera flash using a lens kindly lent to me by another member of the Society.


This was recently taken at Fistral Beach. I went a bit mad with the clone tool, but I like it!


I’ve just purchased a fish tank and am trying my hand at some splash photography. this was one of my first attempts

How do you see your photography developing in the future?

Who knows! I’ll see where it takes me! Time is a valuable commodity having two young children!

Great stuff! Thanks Warren!

Looks like your photography is making a ‘splash’ in more ways than one!