Results : Battle v Badby

Our top Print

Richard Cobby judged this annual battle, with yet another tight outcome

There was a one point difference after the 20 prints were judged, 166 to Badby & 167 to Dunchurch. It was even tighter for the DPI, 168 points apiece.

So a marginal win for Dunchurch 335 to 334, although Badby claimed the moral victory having had both top marks in Prints & DPIs. Last year Badby pipped us by 1 point, so honours even.

See the Dunchurch individual scores here .

Presidents Trophy for Best DPI

There were 32 DPI entries to be judged by Brian Pere.

The results were

1st Double the Trouble and Nick Schofield Fall by Phil Lindley

2nd Rose Ensemble by Gerry Coyle

3rd The Black Cuillin by Keith Watson

HC  Lone Tree by Richard Anthony

HC  Cover Girl by Julian Dowler

HC  Paddling Hard by Andrew Swan

C    Pink-Backed Pelican in Flight by Anthony Timmins

C    Over to Skye by Keith Watson

C    Bay View, Canankkale, Turkey by Bob Mercer

Battle v Market Harborough

The 2-way battle between Dunchurch & Market Harborough was judged by Chris Baldwin


12 prints and 12 DPIs from each club produced a close outcome.


It was a battle of 2 halves. Market Harborough prevailed in the print section, winning that 208 to 205.5 points. The second half with the DPIs saw a reversal of fortunes with Dunchurch winning with 207 to 202 points.


The overall outcome was therefore a win for Dunchurch 412.5 to 410.


The highest scoring print and DPI both came from Market Harborough with ‘Man and Machine’ by Martin Cock and ‘White Tailed Eagle’ by Nigel Spencer.


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Welcome to our Society!


This month we are featuring a winning image


Pentax K1, 3 Seconds, F22, ISO 100


This image was taken by our member Steven farmer for the Illusion Merit

Steven can you tell us a little about the image?
This was technically a hard image to take. I used a set of old fashioned bellows, I have never used bellows before so it was quite a challenge to learn how to use them while also shooting for the merit.

How did you shoot this image?

I used my Pentax K1, A 50mm lens and a set of old bellows. I shot in aperture priority, I set the aperture to F22 to get as much sharp as I could. I then set the ISO to get the shutter speed that I wanted. I wanted a shutter speed fast enough to get it sharp but just slow enough to get a bit of sweep on the 2nd hand. One of my biggest struggles was timing it so the seconds hand was at the top before I pressed the shutter which had a 2 second delay as not to introduce a tremble.

Can you tell us a little about you post processing for this image?
this image wasn’t hard to edit. I desaturated all the color in the watch apart from the blue in the hands. I also used a levels adjustment layer and some sharpening.

To see more of our members’ photographs be sure to visit their gallery pages via the Galleries menu above.

Dunchurch Photographic Society was founded in 1976, the inspiration behind the formation being an accomplished local photographer called Karl Hughes. This followed an exhibition of Karl’s own photographic work at the Dunchurch fete of that year.  Support for the new society was initially canvassed via posters in local shop windows and the response was found to be encouraging – the project therefore went ahead.

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Monochrome Competition

There were 35 submitted Monochrome prints for the John Hughes Trophy. Trevor McHugh was the judge

The leading results were

1st  Dennis with Walking Stick by Gerry Coyle

2nd  Peak Crag by Gerry Coyle

3rd  Zebras by Anthony Timmins

HC   Sinhalese Coconut Worker by Ray Millward

HC   Temples of Stone by Albert Watts

HC   The Welder by Terry Mann

C    Pevensey Bay by Phil Lindley

C    Light & Refreshing by Mike Morgan

C    Guilin Hills by Jean Sutton

C    Trees in Winter by Robin Cooter