Nature Competition

The results of the Nature Competition held on Wednesday 20th October:


First place

Elephants – Amboseli by Anthony Timmins

Second place

Short-eared Owl by David Cunnane

Third Place

Kingfisher Patience by David Bray

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

A Flesh Fly by Terry Mann

Hornet Hoverfly by Terry Mann

Teasels by Ken Monk

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Anhinga with Blue Tilapia by Mark Ellis

Midnight Otter with Prey by David Bray

Winter Robin by David Cunnane


First place

Otters at Midnight by David Bray

Second place

Fallow Deer Stag by Terry Mann

Third place

Bee Orchid by Terry Mann

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Butterfly by Michael Bryan

Marsh Rabbit by Mark Ellis

Peregrine Falcon Covetting by David Bray

Velvet Monkey with Baby by Anthony Timmins

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Cheetah on the Prowl by Anthony Timmins

Honey Bee by Ken Monk

Paper Kite Butterfly by Michael Bryan

Colour Print Competition

On 6th October Richard Cobby, ARPS, CPAGB judged the DPS Colour Print Competition for The Gerry Coyle Memorial Trophy. There were 27 prints entered.  Richard gave a constructive critique of all of the prints, for which we thank him. The result was unusual with David Bray getting 1st, 2nd & 3rd places. Congratulations to David!

First Place

Rainy Routemaster Reflection by David Bray

Second Place

Kingfisher Patience by David Bray

Third Place

Transonic Red Devil by David Bray

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Graffiti Girl by Mark Ellis

Narrowboat Paraphenalia by Terry Mann

Pink Fuzz by Mark Ellis

Commended (in alphabetical order)

British Camp – Malvern Hills by Ken Monk

Folkestone Pink House by Warren Strickland

Hocus Crocus by Steven Farmer

Results of the Day-Tripper Trophy Summer Challenge and other DPS news

The topic for this year’s Summer Challenge was “Coming Out Of Lockdown” 

Dunchurch Photographic Society returned to action and commenced their 2021-22 programme with enthusiasm on Wednesday 1st September at the Dunchurch Women’s Institute Hall. The evening saw the completion of the first competition of the new season. The subject of this Summer’s challenge was ‘Coming Out Of Lockdown’. 

This competition is unique in the programme of annual DPS events as the winner of the trophy is voted for by Society members rather than being critiqued by an external judge.

There was a healthy number of prints and projected images submitted by members this year and there was a noticeable variety in interpretation of the subject brief.  

Interestingly, for this season, all of the most popular photographs were in projected format.

Despite some significant technical gremlins during the first part of the evening, the competition was completed and a result declared!  

Summer Challenge Competition Results – 

Joint Third Place – 

Bin There by Mark Ellis

To the Dunes by Michael Bryan

Second Place – 

Social Distancing by David Cunnane

First Place – 

Coming Out of the Lock Down by David Ralph

Many congratulations to David… winning the Daytripper Trophy for the first time. A very appropriate title for an image fitting the theme and as we set sail along the hopefully calm waters of the new season. 

Other News

In the second half of the evening, there was a review of the successful images from the 2020-21 season in a series of lively audio-visual sequences. Where appropriate, the relevant award winners were presented with their long overdue trophies. Well done to Robin Simmons and Mark Ellis.

You can look back on all of the 2020-21 competition winners elsewhere on the website. 

Our next competitio is only just around the corner – this being the Open Subject Colour Print Competition for the Gerry Coyle Memorial Trophy. This will take place on Wednesday 6th October 2021, 7.45pm, at the Dunchurch WI Hall on the Southam Road. 

Members can submit up to three colour prints for this competition, but they must be with the Competition Secretary no later than midnight on Wednesday 29th September 2021. 

Welcome back to Dunchurch Photographic Society. 

Report by David J. Bray, 

Chairman 2020-21

Merit 3 Competition Results

The results of the 3rd Merit Competition are as follows. The topic was ‘Landscape’.

Advanced Category

First Place

Castlerigg by Warren Strickland

Second Place

Chess Valley by Rosemary Gibbs

Third Place

Architectural Contrast by Terry Mann

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Hamnoy Cliche by David Bray

Lakeland by Jack Hemming

Overlooking Nant Bay by Rosemary Gibbs

Commended (in alphabetical order)

A Long Way From Home by Adrian Canale-Parola

Lake Bala at Dusk by David Cunnane

Saddleworth by Ken Garside

Novice Category

First Place

Lake Island by Mark Ellis

Second Place

London Dawn by Mark Ellis

Third Place

On the way to work by Dariusz Chalupka

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Across African Plains by Ian Maxwell

Uganda Farms by Ian Maxwell

World’s End by Michael Bryan

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Barmouth Bay by Michael Bryan

Loch Linnhe from Ben Nevis by Patrick Joyce

Take a Seat by Michael Bryan

Merit 2 Competition Results

Here are the results of the 2nd Merit Competition February 2021. The topic was “Mood” and the judge Trevor Rudkin.

Advanced Category

First Place

Night Terrors by Adrian Canale-Parola

Second Place

Moody Departure by David Bray

Third Place

Togetherness by David Cunnane

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Lost in Thought by Adrian Canale-Parola
Moody by Warren Strickland

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Desperation – There must be a Better Way by David Cunnane

Mid-Winter Memories by David Bray

Mood – Magical Hare by Rosemary Gibbs

The Look of Love by David Cunnane

Novice Category

First Place

Intoxicated Mood by Patrick Joyce

Second Place

Lockdown 3 Plus by Ian Maxwell

Third Place

Moody Belfast by Mark Ellis

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Combative Mood by Steven Farmer

Reflective Mood by Patrick Joyce

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Stonehaven Swirl by Mark Ellis

Tree Tops in Snow by Ian Maxwell

Windermere Misty Morning by Mark Ellis