Merit 1 Competition Results

The results of the first Merit Competition are as follows. The topic was ‘Water’.

Advanced Category

First Place

Arctic Wave Rider by David Bray

Second Place

Raindrops on Roses by Terry Mann

Third Place

18727 & 74287 Racing by Anthony Timmins

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Overflowing by Rosemary Gibbs

Wrong Direction Puddle by Terry Mann

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Water Lilly by Terry Mann

Waterlogged by Ken Garside

Water Swirls by Ian Andrew

Novice Category

First Place

Stepping Stones by Michael Bryan

Second Place

Riding the Rapids by Michael Bryan

Third Place

Stonehaven Swirl by Mark Ellis

Highly Commended

Water on the Rocks by Mark Ellis


Mist on the Water by Michael Bryan