Nature Competition Results

The results of the DPS Nature Competition, held on Wednesday 21st October 2020, are as follows.

First Place

Eagle Full Flap by David Bray

Second Place

Elephants – Amboseli by Anthony Timmins

Third Place

Hot Lizard by Mark Ellis

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Heron Hunting by Steven Farmer

Kingfisher with the Prize by David Bray

Shell Wader by Mark Ellis

Slept like a Log by Mark Ellis

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Brown-headed Gull Success by David Bray

Desert Cisticola by Anthony Timmins

Oystercatcher by Jean Sutton

Seal by Warren Strickland

Stuhlmann’s Weaver by Anthony Timmins

You can watch the Nature Competition judging on “Camera Club Live”: