Dunchurch Photographic Society Exhibition 2019

The 2019 edition of the Dunchurch Photographic Society Exhibition of photographic prints was held between Saturday 26th October and Thursday 7th November in the Floor One Gallery at Rugby Library. The event featured over 80 photographic prints produced by members of the Society.

The exhibition coincided with the local school half-term holiday and was an ideal opportunity for the Society members to showcase their talent to a broad spectrum of visitors from the very young to those with a little more life experience! As ever, the Society demonstrated a veritable showcase of diverse subjects within the display of prints, along with many differing post-processing techniques that helped to entertain and inspire the visiting public. 

There were examples of nature, abstract, still life, landscape, astrophotography, transport and portraiture in both colour and monochrome. There was even a photographic print that had been captured using infrared media.

In total, 471 visitors passed through the gallery doors to enjoy the prints and engage with members of the Society who acted as stewards for the duration of the exhibition. There was considerable positive feedback and praise for not only the diverse subject content on display but also the quality of the work involved. Several prints were sold during the exhibition which is a great endorsement for the event. 

As part of the exhibition, visitors were encouraged to vote for the print that they liked the best. Approximately 50% of the visitors took the time to record a vote. This year, the accolade went to ‘Deep Inside Kilsby Tunnel,’ by David J. Bray, having scored 19 votes.

Deep Inside Kilsby Tunnel by David J. Bray

‘Deep Inside Kilsby Tunnel’ was a winning print in the first round of last season’s Merit Print Competition on the subject of ‘Holes.’ It was taken in early December 2018 during a unique opportunity in the workplace by the photographer whilst the railway was closed for engineering works. 

The image shows the capacious opening inside the tunnel that forms the Great North Airshaft normally visible from the A5 just south of Kilsby. At the time the photograph was taken, the photographer was working on a project for a Network Rail magazine article that demonstrated some of the renovation works being undertaken to the air shaft. 

Using a tripod for stability, the image was taken using a Canon 6D with a Canon 16-35mm F2.8 lens. The wide-angle lens was able to capture the expanse of the tunnel interior. The shutter speed was ½ second at ISO 125. 

The Dunchurch Photographic Society Committee, for the 2019/20 season, certainly considered the 2019 Exhibition a great success and another opportunity to showcase the talents and achievements of all of the contributing photographers. Of course, without prints, we would not have an exhibition. 

We look forward to working towards our next public exhibition in autumn 2020.

Report compiled by David J. Bray (Chairman).