Merit 3 Competition – Weather

Here are the results of the Merit 3 Competition held on 20th February 2019 and judged by Paul Nickerson. The theme was ‘Weather’.

Print Competition – Advanced Category.

First place

Divine Illumination by Ian Andrew

Second place

Tarn Hows by Eric Tatham

Third placeWet Walk Home by Eric Tatham

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Kiev’s Hungry and Frozen by David Bray

Nuclear Winter by Warren Strickland

Space Weather over Jokulsarlon by David Bray

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Better Indoors than Out by Rosemary Gibbs

Overnight Snow, Ben More Coigach by Ken Monk


Print Competition – Novice Category

First place

St Martin’s by Robin Simmons LRPS

Second place

Before the Storm by Robin Simmons LRPS

Third place

Sunshine and Showers by David Cunnane

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Sprinkling of Snow by David Cunnane

Winter Playground by Patrick Joyce

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Lakeland in Spring by David H Inman

Smoke on the Water by Tony McMaster LRPS


Projected Image Competition – Advanced Category

First place

Frozen Moat by Ian Andrew

Second place

Summer Storm by Ian Andrew

Third place

Icicles by Jack Hemming

Highly Commended (in alphabetical order)

Last Bus to Rainham by Eric Tatham

Snow Squall Approaches by Mike Gardner

Sunrise by Warren Strickland

Transonic Cloud Makers by David Bray

Wind Veering by Rosemary Gibbs

Zombie Rain by Warren Strickland 

Commended (in alphabetical order)

Heading Home in the Mist by Mike Parmee ARPS CPAGB

It’s Raining Outside by Jack Hemming

Oxford Circus by Eric Tatham

Reflecting on the Weather by Ken Garside

Swooping Owl by Ken Monk


Projected Image Competition – Novice Category

First place

Steaming Up by Robin Simmons LRPS

Second place

Rain Approaching by Patrick Joyce

Third place

Purple Hour by Mark Ellis

Highly Commended(in alphabetical order)

Golden Sea by Mark Ellis

Stork and Rainbow by Robin Simmons LRPS

Sunshine through Cloud by Tony McMaster LRPS

Commended (in alphabetical order)

After the Storm by David H Inman

Puddle by Steven Farmer

Raining Again by David Cunnane

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